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YOUtilize with NLP with NLP in Sri Lanka

YOUtilize is a powerful 2 day program that will transform your life into a happy and fulfilling one with NLP in Sri Lanka.

YOUtilize program comprises effective NLP tools combined with a few other life-changing tools and techniques to discover your potential and create the destiny you have always dreamed of.

Day 1:

  • An introduction to NLP and its history
  • The human mind and how it works
  • Understanding Communication
  • How humans represent information – Modalities and Sub modalities
  • Magical ways to communicate effectively
  • Building rapport that lead to relationships
  • Understand your personality
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Goal setting
  • Sub-conscious re-programming for Goal Achievement

Day 2:

  • Identify your life goals and priorities
  • Setting achievable goals
  • How beliefs affect outcomes
  • Changing limiting beliefs and creating empowering beliefs
  • Connecting with your higher-conscious mind for clarity, guidance and support
  • Journey of excellence


  • Tools, Techniques and Templates
  • Helping you Launch your business
  • How beliefs affect outcomes
  • Venturing into the journey of excellence

Program Benefits

  • Acquire NLP tools for personal excellence
  • Eliminate beliefs that are contrary to your Personal Mastery
  • Reframe failure from the past into milestones for future success
  • Establish congruence of thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Create emotional anchors to control emotional states
  • Realign your personal vision and purpose with your beliefs
  • Build up personal influence and power to be more effective
  • Use Timeline to create a vision that integrates your goals

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