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Joy of Giving

Make someone feel special 

have you experienced the joy of blissfulness resulting from giving? 
Most people get flattered only when they are no longer alive to hear it. Let us make those around us feel special while they are still around. 

Write a poem, a verse or a greeting exclulively for the, to let them know what they mean to you.  

Online Courses

E-courses to help you in your self development process

Learning is always a part of the process of personal development. The learning has to happen somewhere between creating self-motivation goals and tracking your self-development progress.

Printables for Life

Quotes, affirmations, planners, worksheets and much more…

Utilize the many printables that will help you shape up your life and reach your life goals

Blog Posts

What is Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)?

So What is Neuro-linguistic Programming? In simplest terms, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is considered to be the Language of the Mind. Neuro – Mind Linguistic – Language Programming – Mechanism The human…

NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Practitioner Course in 4 Days This comprehensive and interesting NLP Practitioner course will help you understand a wide range of powerful tools, techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication skills that you could build…
-Maduwanthi Sumanaweera Attorney-at-law

“ Thank you, Niloufer for the excellent work shop! You put me right on track and helped me to feel better about my self.It also gave me an idea to look at any situation in a different way, which gave me ample ideas to stay cool and sort out things in a better way in life. All in all your work shop took me one step forward in life. Thank you and hats off for your dedication and hard work. ”