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  • Change your life with NLP
  • How to start your own business
  • How to grow your business online
  • Communicate to Connect
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One-on-One Consulting on a personalized entrepreneurial journey

  • Heart to heart talk for clarity in life 
  • How to decide what business to do
  • Launch your business

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Guidance and road map to realize your personal goal and achieve your dream

  • Take a journey with you hand in hand helping you reach your goal

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Remove your Shades!

I remember a piece of advise received at my MBA class. A lecturer once said, always identify what the lecturer of a particular subject is looking for and give just…

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We Write.

Content creation is our Core. We not only write content for your website but we also help you put your thoughts into professional words by helping you with all kinds of writing you need for your business from a CV, Email to a Business proposal. We just help you think clearer and make your ideas shine on paper.

We Create.

To help you create Great Impressions, we help you create the best image that is aligned with your business values. 

We can create the website that serves your business model best. We can create your social media profiles and manage them for you too. What more can you ask for?

We Coach.

This call is especially for mothers, who have had to take a career break or who would like to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. We are delighted to teach you the ABCs and help you venture into your dream business and shine. We have many success stories and would love to add yours too. Whether you need to start your business, get direction in life or just talk, reach out to us!


Need advice?

Just as much as you would need a nutritious meal for a healthier life, it is important that your mental health and balance is also similarly taken care of, if not more.

If you are feeling confused, hopeless and feel a lack of direction, contact us and we will help you with clarity in life. 

e-Books & Articles

Here is a list of resources you can use right-away to spark up your life. How you use every second of your life matters after all. Get enriched! Right now!

We are your Communication Companion

“My great desire is to show you the light within you and help you shine”
NLP with Niloufer
Writer/NLP Practitioner & Coach/Artist


“  Thank you, Niloufer for the excellent work shop! You put me right on track and helped me to feel better about my self.It also gave me an idea to look at any situation in a different way, which gave me ample ideas to stay cool and sort out things in a better way in life. All in all your work shop took me one step forward in life. Thank you and hats off for your dedication and hard work. ” 

 -Maduwanthi Sumanaweera 


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