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Thoughts to Ponder – Let’s Give a hand to our Neighbor

We live in  a world where human connections, interactions have never been so easy. Initiating a relationship is only as fast as although or one click. Enormous amounts of social media platforms are have paved the way not only for rapid human interaction between two parties but even massive groups where communities create major campaigns for both good and/or bad causes in a matter of minutes.

Amazingly yet, depression and loneliness is on a record high. Many suffer an inner battle that is totally unseen to the world.. not even to the nearest ones. Many hide behind a illusive projection of the true face crying silent tears. The suicidal demise of famous actor Robin Williams is a classic example.

We are not bad people. We do take the effort to brighten up someone’s day. We do walk an extra mile to donate to a charity fund across the sea. Yet sometimes we unconsciously resist helping someone near and dear would ask us for it. Most commonly giving a few minutes uninterrupted attention to listen to kid who want us to hear them when THEY want, or an introduction to another party, or a phone call and so on. Sometimes it takes great courage for one to directly seek our help and sometimes an inconsiderable act of kindness may mean the world to someone.

Shall we take our eyes off the digital screen or newspaper, take a step behind today to look around us and catch the eye of someone right next  to us and look to see their pain or offer a word of comfort to lighten up their day in any case. Let us pay attention to those moments that we could be of any help to those around us today and grab the opportunity to do what we can to assist.

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