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What is NLP Anchoring and how can you benefit from it?

An Anchor helps a ship stay moored to the ground in shaky waters. The same way, the NLP Anchoring process helps a person maintain a positive state by attaching emotion into a physical gesture or touch inorder to stay unshaky in uncertain situations.

This is one of the coolest and widely known tools in NLP. By explaining the process of Anchoring, you will understand the use of it and the benefits it will bring into your lives.

Using NLP Anchoring to Instill Positive Feelings

The most common use of NLP anchoring is to have a way to intentionally feel resourceful in the right situations. For example, you may want to feel more confident when making a business phone call. An NLP anchor can grant access to the confidence you have in other situations that is not currently available to you when making business phone calls.

Try this experiment with NLP anchoring. Read the following steps through once and then do them. It’s more interesting after you’ve tried it for yourself.

NLP anchoring is mostly used to feel motivated and resourceful in the turbulent situations like before conducting a speech or before meeting a client or before walking into your bosses office and so on. An NLP anchor can give you the confidence you have within you in the situations you seem to lose access to it.

5 Steps to NLP Anchoring

1. Decide how you want to feel. Eg:- Feel confident.

2. Remember a time in your life when you felt really really confident. It could be any memory when you were feeling confident, under any circumstances. If you are struggling and feel you have not had such moments, you could imagine and picture yourself being most confident and how it would be like.

3. Choose an anchor that involves touch like touching your thumb and forefinger together or making a fist or holding a pen and so on.

4. Remember what you saw, heard and felt in your confident memory. You must immerse in this moment and relive it completely.  You must relive this moment until you feel what you felt, hear what you heard and smelt what you smelt etc fully until you feel a number 10 from a count of 1 to 10.

As you feel the climax of reaching point 10, activate the anchor you chose in 3. (Eg:- Make a fist) and release the anchor in a few seconds and get neutral. Do this a few times.

5. Test the anchor by posting the gesture or touch you chose as the anchor just like you did when setting it up.  You will now find you immediately switching into that confident state of mind.

Congratulations! You now have an NLP anchor and whenever you need a boost and need to feel confident, you know what to do!

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