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Overcome Anger with this fascinating NLP technique

Anger, out of the many negative emotions we human possess, anger can be referred to as the most common emotion that causes much unpleasantness to self as well as those around you.

You will certainly agree that it is seldom that this emotion result in anything positive. Anger hurts people and destroys relationships.

Anger is a result of having expectations; more often that not, unrealistic expectations. Hence Anger is triggered in a person when a situation or persona does not happen or behave according to the plan in one’s head.

Whilst you need to first find some quiet time to sit down and understand these triggers that causes Anger in you there is a fantastic method you can use to react to anger when or if it triggers next.

NLP — (Neuro-Linguistic programming) offers a range of tools and techniques you could use to use overcome such negative emotions that destroys your behaviour and self esteem.

So, Here’s what you could do to overcome Anger

  1. Find some quiet time to understand the trigger points of Anger.. Eg:- When did you last lose your temper and what cause you to lose it.
  2. Find time to understand that it is your REACTION to this trigger that causes harm to yourself and others.
  3. The good news is although external triggers may be difficult to control, your reactions can be easily controlled.
  4. Close your eyes and imagine how the ideal you would like to react to such triggers.. calm and patient reaction instead of losing it. Imagine how that perfect you would keep your cool amidst any heated situation and the calm it gives you and others as a result.
  5. Now Imagine how you usually react.. the angry you. Imagine this Angry image of you on a post card — clear bright and large right in front of you.
  6. Now imagine the ideal you on a smaller post card on a side of the other one.
  7. Close your eyes and in your mind let this smaller picture — the ideal you break through the negative picture and appear bright and big before you. Open your eyes.
  8. Do this a few times until you no longer would notice your negative picture — the one with your angry face.

This is an amazing technique that would help you replace your behaviour to a positive one make a remarkable shift in your life. Try it out and let me know how you feel!

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