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Remove your Shades!

I remember a piece of advise received at my MBA class. A lecturer once said, always identify what the lecturer of a particular subject is looking for and give just that. For example, a lecturer might like you to be creative with your answer. He would like to apply the learnings however craft the answer with your own findings as well.

You might also find another lecturer who would like the answer to be as close to what he taught as possible.

For you to score marks, it is always wise to articulate your answer according to the expectations of the respective lecturer. Now that is obvious, isn’t it?

So there are two things I’m trying to point out with this example.

1. Each person has a different perspective of things – in this case, how they expect a candidate to answer.
2. Understanding that each person is different, works in our favour and help us get better results.

When learning NLP, we come across NLP Presuppositions which similarly describes certain assumptions or understanding of common situations that if kept in mind, would help us understand people better, respond to situations and people better and communicate better, thus giving us better results in life.

Respect for the other person’s model of the world is one of the 13 NLP presuppositions NLP talks about.

Each person would look at the same situation or object, however, give a description to it or see it totally based on their personal model of the world. This model is developed from each person’s individual history, experience, beliefs and so on.

Disagreements among people usually happen when we expect another to see and respond to a situation the same way we do. We, on the other hand, see things from our own perspective. We constantly have our shades on and often become judgemental about people and things as we see them through our shades constantly.

I invite you today to take off your shades and try to see whenever you are impulsive of responding to disagreements, simply understand that, that reaction is only based on their model of the world, you will soon experience the peace within your self as well as peace among yourselves as you learn to not get affected instead respect the model of their world which takes you to a whole new level of understanding and difference way of reacting to situations altogether.

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