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Intro Session

Come try the transforming YOUtilize program

If you are interested in making more of your life and increasing your self-worth using NLP, then come participate in our ‘Master your self u0026amp; worth’ event which is just for you!

In this workshop you will get a taste of the personal transformation techniques that can help you design the life you want and much more.

Discover how you can reach your personal and professional goals, have productive relationships and radiant health. See how you can create the future of your dreams to yourself!

Here’s what you can expect from the 3 hour workshop:

  • Learn about the human mind and how it works
  • Introduction to NLP and how it creates magic in your life
  • What is a life purpose and how to find it
  • The power of Goals and how to have them
  • Walk through the ‘Alignment Process’ for aligning all levels of being so that you connect passion and enthusiasm toward what ever you are trying to achieve.
  • A demonstration of how to change a negative belief with NLP
  • Work on a hypnotic tool for a powerful way to encode a future outcome on your unconscious mind so that your unconscious mind is working 24 hours a day on your behalf to achieve your goal.
  • Qu0026amp;A