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Corporate Training

Is your business progress stagnant? Do you regret hiring the wrong people? Is your staff disappointing you? 

With a talented team of ladies with special expertise in Marketing and HR, we are craving to share our expertise and knowledge to see your organization reach your peak. With tailor-made programs to assure great outcome and passionate from your staff, you are sure to see a great positive shift in your business by taking your staff through these powerful yet short programs that carry concentrated tool and techniques to take your business from height to heights.

What can you expect out of our programs?

We currently offer 2 programs that cater to specific needs of your organization. Please click on the links to pick the ones that will serve you best.

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How can you be sure you have benefited from our programs?

We offer result based training programs and would show you results by way of survey statistics of where you were and where you are and show you how you could effectively reach where you want to be.

We hold the unique compassionate edge of being Women and help you accurately address your strategies to touch the basic human emotional needs which give you a positive dimension that you would not imagine.  In this light, please excuse us for favouring your female counterparts as we have great regard for the power they hold as women – the super jugglers 🙂

We also strongly support entrepreneurs and businesses to successfully start, launch and progress in their business with special emphasis given to female entrepreneurs as the founder holds a competitive edge being a mother, wife and female professional with expertise in project management and communication in international and multi-national organizations both in Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

Our success in seeing you succeed with these unique skills.


Please contact gr8impression [at]gmail [dot]com or fill the below form to register for a workshop.

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