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About Us

Welcome to Gr8Impressions!

Great Impressions is a social entrepreneurship that was created in 2011, primarily offering NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) based training programs and 1-1 coaching for mothers who wish to start their own business and work from home.  If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

From the many case studies tackled through out the years, a common element was found to be the continuous pattern of negative thinking that hindered individuals from reaching their goals. Interestingly, you would be amazed to know that a positive state of mind can not only help you achieve a single goal, but can also help you live a consistently happy life and will take you to places, and help you reach heights you never imagined you could reach.  

Gr8 Impressions has now evolved from training and coaching to offer something more to every visitor to the site. Gr8 Impressions is about instant inspiration, self motivation and giving back with random acts of appreication and kindness.   

With all the negativity around us, this page aims at adding some positive vibes to the world. Each of us are put on earth to scatter light and make this a brighter place. To scatter light, we need to find the light within us, and that is exactly what you can find here with Gr8 Impressions.  

Here's how we help you ingnite yourself and scatter light?

Gr8 Online Courses

Online courses in Effective communication, Motivation and venturing into Entrepreneurship with NLP tools and techniques.

Gr8 Blog of Knowledge

A wealth of knowledge to help you reach your goals and find contentment in many areas of your life.

Gr8 Planners and Worksheets

Use valuable planners and worksheets to maintain momentum and be in positive state of mind consistently.

Gr8 Giving

Find joy in appreciating and giving back. Gr8 Giving with Random Acts of Appreciation.

Personalized verses and quotes

Get a personalized verse, quote or e-card that is exclusively meant for someone you need to uplift!

Your entrepreneurial journey with us!

So, now for those of you who now wish to step up and make more of life, create your own business or learn of many ways you can make money from home. The first and most important step in this entrpreneurial journey to unleash as a momprenuer is having a positive state of mind. 

 You could be a stay at home mother, or perhaps you are after a career break, or may be that you want to switch careers or simply need to make a fresh start, wherever you may be in your journey, you need to tap into yourself to do a status check as to where you stand in terms of your state of your mind. 

On this website, you will find userful tools, techniques and processes that will help you identify your inner strengths, your mind and how your thought process works and how you could make the most of your life and realize your dreams.

The tools and techniques given away are primarily based on Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). You will find short courses, printables and blog posts that will guide you through out your journey. 

Below is a typical is an ideal road map to what you can expect from the journey with Gr8 Impressions. 

The road map towards realizing your Goal!

Give back! Inspire Others!

The joy found in giving is not empasized enough in todays world. In your journey towards finding self fulfillment, we impel you to try Random Acts of Appreciation and Kindness  and experience the joy it brings. We are living uncertain times where every day we are alive and everyday we have our friends and family around is something to be immensely grateful for. However, expressing to others, what they mean to us is something we seldom do.

You can get involved in our RAAK project (Random act of Appreciation and Kindness) to find inspiration, printables and other resources that you can use to appreciate someone randomly every now and then. Just chose a random person in your life, one you do not reach out to regularly (or someone you do is also alright :)) and show them that they are appreicated, make them feel special and experience that blissful feeling of satisfaction. 

If you need help with ideas or you need help with composing something special for them,  you can get an exclusively created personalized verse to make that person’s day extra special.  

UN sustainbility goals.

UN Sustainability Goals

As a social entreprenuership, the goals of Gr8Impressions are aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goal 5 where we strive to empower females in entreprenuership. 

I'm Niloufer and here's my story

I started my career as a Personal Assistant, moved into working a few years in Sales where I was selling apartments of a luxury brand in the heart of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Upon getting married in 2002, I moved to Dubai, UAE to join my husband where I took up work in the Oil and Gas Industry to 2 leading American multinational organizations where I spent nearly a decade in project management facilitating communication strategies and processes.

Being known among friends and family as an intuitive problem solver and with a knack for IT, I found myself constantly streamlining complex manual processes with the IT tools we had at hand. I established procedures to follow that increased the efficiency of processes we dealt with. Whilst I was reading for my MBA, I also attained the CAPM and PMP certifications in project management and participated in HR competency and communication activities.

In 2011, I had to focus more on parenting my daughter, which is when I took a break from working in a 9-5 job. I however continued working virtually from home which strengthened my knowledge and competency in content creation, web content management and search engine optimization. I started my own business that gave me the liberation and peace of mind which I strongly believe is therapeutic and started helping many others like me to find their inner potential and create a business and life they love.

Being my own boss gave me the flexibility and time I needed to explore many ways to tap into the inner soul to bring out the best in us, which led me to attain my NLP Practitioner certification and offer consultancy  and counselling to individuals who needed to come out of a rut and evolve in life.  


It would not be fair not to mention that I also enjoy creating melodies and writing lyrics when I don’t work.

In everything I have done in my career, my hobbies and in what I have continued to do, I have found myself trying to get better each day, and make the most of life. Life is such a precious give and Gr8Impressions is the single platform that blends all my expertise, experience and inspiration to help you find your liberation and make the most of your life. 

In a nutshell, the processes and methodologies I offer to help you achieve your dreams comprises of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tools and techniques, project management methodologies blended with the art of music & poetry, intuitive and creative elements and I offer the opportunity to those looking to make money online through a content management platform I have created on

I hope you make the most of what is offered from this website.