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Join In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes you can get overwhelmed running a constant rat race. You would need to slow down, stop and breath in some fresh air. 

In a crowded society, people are getting more and more isolated each day. If your routine is making you tired, you would certainly need to change direction a little bit because, life is supposed to be nice and not tiring. 

So, stop postponing happiness and reach out to a compassionate listener who can help you rejuvenate and shine. 

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NLP & Yoga Retreat

Join an enriching and empowering retreat set within the serene hills in Sri Lanka. This NLP and yoga retreat will give you the time, skills and atmosphere you need to discover and transform yourselves from the inside out. You’ll fly home feeling fully alive, inspired and open to new experiences and possibilities. You will also have ongoing support to sustain those changes and continue to create your life in a way that you truly want. Come and experience Sri Lanka to the fullest!


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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) has transformed my life. That is why I would love to help as many of you as possible to experience that transformation, find peace and serenity within yourself whilst radiating that peace to those around you. It is my pleasure to share with you plenty of tools and resources to help you in your journey to happiness most of which you can use for free.


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“My great desire is to show you the light within you and help you shine”
NLP with Niloufer
Writer/NLP Practitioner/Artist

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Feel free to contact me to enjoy these services I offer.

I Coach.

Book a consultancy session to receive a coaching service that will help you discover your unique skills set and your potential to transform your life.

I Write.

Content creation is what I do on a day to day basis. Get in touch to have your content created where my stronger area is self improvement, motivation and parenting.

I Sing.

I not only sing but create music. Reach out to have your lyrics, melody or complete song created. I have a soft corner for creating inspirational and religious songs though I’m open to a variety of topics.

Need advice?

Just as much as you would need a nutritious meal for a healthier life, it is important that your mental health and balance is also similarly taken care of, if not more.

e-Books & Articles

Here is a list of resources you can use right-away to spark up your life. How you use every second of your life matters afterall. Get enriched! Right now!


“  Thank you, Niloufer for the excellent work shop! You put me right on track and helped me to feel better about my self.It also gave me an idea to look at any situation in a different way, which gave me ample ideas to stay cool and sort out things in a better way in life. All in all your work shop took me one step forward in life. Thank you and hats off for your dedication and hard work. ” 

 -Maduwanthi Sumanaweera 

Christine Walters

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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